Alyssa Monks

Alyssa Monks Paintings

ALYSSA MONKS the painter with a realistic touch, one look at her painting's could make you believe that ALYSSA is one of the greatest painters we have today and her works are so fascinating that they could leave you awestruck. Her paintings are so amazing that they look real just as if some has taken an image from a camera. Indeed i was startled when i looked at some of her works and couldn't believe that i was actually looking at a painting.

ALYSSA MONKS is the person blessed with an incredible art of making her painting look real and creates such a magnificent piece of art through a special form of painting known as oil painting and  with her own creative touch makes her paintings realistic. Born 1977 in New Jersey ALYSSA began painting since she was a child and studied painting at Lorenzo de'Medici in Florence, earned her M.F.A from New York Academy of Art.

Her paintings have been exhibited at various exhibitions and is represented in various public and private collections across the globe earning her laurels and awards world wide. Her works are mainly related to human body and confesses her obsession with realism saying she is always looking to unravel and deconstruct realism with respect to painting to make it look more realistic.

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