Arvind Kejriwals political debut : Will he be a game changer ?

Arvind Kejriwal the social activist and the man behind Jan Lokpal Bill takes a plunge into into dark world  of politics. Kejriwal who recently announced his own political party 'Aam Aadmi Party' had definitely made an impact in the political circle through his daring and courageous way of taking on bigwigs of the system. Having waited for more than one and a half year for govt. to heed on its word for stronger mechanism against corruption but Kejriwals plea's had fallen into deaf ears which forced him to take a political stand.

Born in 1968 to an Engineer and an Engineer himself from the prestigious IIT, Kejriwal was also blessed with a job as an Joint Commissioner in IRS. But as they say happiness lies in what we are meant to do but not what we are ought to, Kejriwal resigned from the luxurious life of an commissionaire in revenue department for a life as an struggling activist for the welfare of the society speaks volumes about the character of the person. 

If Anna was the face of IAC's protest for Jan Lokpal then Kejriwal is the brain behind it, he has been associated and is fighting for social causes since many years through movements such as Right to Information or Jan Lokpal or Judiciary Accountability or Whistle Blower protection. A wonderful architecture of agitations that struck a chord with ordinary people it has to be seen how kejriwal shapes his political movement.

So, far Kejriwal has followed an unusual path used in political world and made some very powerful enemies by washing dirty linen in public but only future can tell its impact. Kejriwal has surely given us bits of information about his future political plans and how he is gonna change the existing but rotten political system. Some of the noteworthy points of his political dream that can be high lightened are decentralization of power, good health facilities, poverty eradication, stronger anti-corruption laws, greater transparency.... 

There will be many people who will try to pull him back but we have to wait and watch that if he finds mass support for his political movement, whether Kejriwal will be a game changer by executing his words to a political reality or whether he is just another fish in the pond.

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