To my love

" I couldn't forget how beautiful you looked the first time i saw you
My heart beat just stopped

My every heartbeat reminds me that... I live for you.

When i first met you i didn't know your value
But now your priceless

My heart is my biggest enemy because its mine but beats for you

You are the most beautiful girl i have ever seen

I will always be there for you...
Even when the whole world is against you

You are the best thing that has happened to me

I could forget the whole world for a while 
But not your beautiful smile

The time i spent with you are the best moments of my life

Nothing is more magical than your love

No matter what.... I would never leave you

The day i stop loving you is the day i will close my eyes.... Forever

Your the biggest happiness of my life and i cant live without you

My life without you is like body without a soul

I love you more than anyone else in this world and
I will keep on loving you till my last breath and even after that... "

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