Five Point Someone and 3-Idiots

Five Point Someone - 3 Idiots
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Five Point Some one and 3-Idiots aren't same

These were the first lines that blurted out of my mouth after turning the last page of Chetan Bhagat's first novel. Though too late to write this article but better late than never. Coming back to the topic the movie and novel revolve around same characters (though names are different) their friendship and also both mock at the Indian educational system, mugging but the similarities end there. 

The two distinct features I found out were, firstly the movie was basically about what to do and the novel, as the tagline suggests what not to do. The movie was more message oriented like following once own passion to reach success and the novel was more or less a semi-autobiography of Chetan Bhagat by himself. The love track too is different in movie Aamir and Kareena are a couple but in the novel Hari (Madhavan) and Neha are in love. 

Five Point Some One:

The novel starts with three friends Ryan, Alok and Hari being ragged mercilessly by seniors and how Ryan stands upto the injustice. The story moves forward as Chetan shows us how habituated we have become to mugging ultimately leading to nowhere and also the unmindful indifference shown towards five pointers or below average students by professors. Chetan describes how in-efficient the system is as there is no worthy invention to the credit of  IIT 's, which are actually a center for brilliance and excellence in our country. Then the three protagonist screw their already inert IIT career by stealing question paper and then getting caught which leads to interesting and funny 'Longest day of my life' chapter's (six in total) and how these three unscrew their screwed up IIT careers forms the ending part. There is also love story between Hari and Neha, daughter of Cherian (HOD), whose is tormentor of students and the most hated man by Ryan. Chetan Bhagat's logical yet witty style of writing makes it a commendable read.


The movie starts with journey by two friends, Madhavan and Sharman, in search for Aamir. As the story progresses we get insights about their story about how different Rancho (Aamir) is. We studied engineering for degree but Rancho studied for knowledge - Farhan (Madhavan) says. Which actually implies we have study for knowledge not marks and also Rancho's advice only making once passion as career coupled with examples of Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar. But, Viru 'virus' Sahasrabuddhe extraordinarily portrayed by Baman Irani takes the cake. Though Cherian's (virus in movie) character is given importance in novel but it occupies less space hence, I missed Boman Irani a lot in novel .Then there is only detailed description of  Chatur (Venkat in novel) hence there is no 'Balatkar' scene in novel which was actually one of the USP's of the movie. In the end the movie shows how Rancho becomes successful and reaches new heights using his knowledge and hence movie advice's all of us to do the same. In the end I have to say the writers of the movie have done a commendable job and story touches the hearts of youngsters.

Both have plus points and arguments on which one is better leads us to no where. Overall, I have to say the movie only adapts the theme and soul of the novel but the plot's are different. Though, they aren't different as chalk and cheese but they aren't similar as rat and mice either.


  1. nice blog
    I do agree with you .
    the novel & movie are different to some extent

    1. @himanshu dang
      thanks for appreciation :)

  2. "Though, they aren't different as chalk and cheese but they aren't similar as rat and mice either."

    WAH, BHAI WAH !!!