Millionaire - Journey of an Idea

To begin with, it was tough time back then, recession hindered my chances of getting a decent job and I sat idle for almost an year and in the end after an Engineering degree, I was a jobless jack. People have big dreams upon completion of their graduation, especially Engineers. Hence with nothing to do for an year I slumbered on my own shell for protection. My body was filled with fervor for success I wanted to show the world which looked down upon me, my true value. This one year showed me that life was not a bed of roses. This one year made me a strong and confident person I am Today. During this time I became the fighter I am today. During this time I realized I wanted to be on my own and didn't want to strain my A** sitting in front of a machine. This hollow unproductive one year made me what I am today - a Millionaire. I wasn't born a millionaire but I realized I had the ambition to become one. As it happens in every man's life, I tottered upon a brilliant but simple idea and then, as it doesn't happen in most man's life, I didn't let it slip past my mind. Which resulted in what I am now, a successful Entrepreneur.

                                                  * * * * *

It was summer time and my father called me and ordered me to bring two coolers and gave five thousand rupees notes. 'Raj! Shop name is Oberoi Enterprises'  He reminded me and I nodded.

With 5000 bucks in hand, you have only one choice - local made coolers, which Mr.Oberoi, the shopowner coolly described as Assembled coolers. These coolers cost less and were also present in various shapes and sizes. I analyzed various models and selected two of them. But, I had to wait since my order was on the way.

To kill time, I started conversation with him, 'So, where is this factory?' I inquired
'P&T colony. My son runs the Assembled cooler factory there hence, the low cost and also I assure you of the best quality' He replied.
'Oh! That's great. So, how does he make them?' I asked,
'Brings in workers from Karnataka and assembles at our godown' Mr.Oberoi replied,
'Workers from karnataka?' I questioned again,
'Farmers' He said, 'Summer is not a productive season for them so, they come to our state, earn handsomely and leave'
'Earn Handsomely?' My questions started irritating him but he kept his composure,
'50 rupees for a single cooler and they assemble 5-8 per day for two months and take as I said before a handsome amount to their home.'

I began introspecting few coolers present there and gathering information from Mr.Oberoi on how they make these coolers. May be luck was on my side that day as I stumbled upon a person who makes these so called Assembled Coolers and was willing to let me know how this business works.

'Why are they called Assembled Coolers?' I again started the conversation,
'Because we buy different parts like motor, body, fan, pump etc... and assemble them as one single unit' He responded.

It was startling to know they don't create but just assemble and sell. I coaxed Mr.Oberoi a little bit on how they market their product and other activities involved in his Assembled Cooler business and got first hand knowledge about how this system works. At the end of day I knew what I had to do. Put up my own Assembled Cooler factory like Mr.Oberoi's son had done.

                                                   * * * * *

I lingered on this idea for about two months accumulating details from various sources, apprehending its pro's and con's, gauging my ability to take on its responsibility and most importantly dominating my fear of failing. All this while, two thing stopped me from backing off, first, my confidence in my self and second, confidence in my idea.

I went to my father and put forth my proposal. He feared I would fail miserably with no first hand experience but I insisted on doing this and pleaded for his help.

'How much would it cost?' He asked me,
'Thirty Lakh' I answered.
I could gauge from his expression that he wasn't too pleased with that amount.
'Too much' He replied,
'One Million in profit and 25% increase in next year' I told him,
'How?' He questioned me,
'I have a plan' I replied, He was not too pleased with my answer.

'10 Lakh is Enough!' He said,
I shook my head in apprehension.
'Instead of investing 30 Lakh at once, rotate 10 Lakh for three times.' He reasoned

An, brilliant idea I have to say, I will manufacture the same number of coolers but in 1/3rd the amount by rotating or recycling the money again and again.

                                          * * * * *

It was time to start my factory, I opened my own godown in a 3 bedroom apartment, enough to produce 2000 units, my target for first year. My plan was simple I would hire workers from Karnataka, buy parts like body, motor, fan, pump etc... assemble them and sell it at a profitable price, around 500 bucks.

But later I came to know that its not all that easy as it seems. There are people who are in this business for ages like Mr.Oberoi who produced at a relatively lesser price than me because I was new and I couldn't bargain for cheaper price for parts that went in making of my product. The difference between my making charges and their making charges was between two hundred to three hundred rupees. My father came and cleared my dilemma

'You have two options son' He said, 'Increase the selling price of your products or cut profit and sell it at market price.'

I decided to do the later. Hence, my first year profit was ten percent of what I originally expected. But, my father stood behind me like a rock guiding me successfully through rough patches on my way to success. He advised me to get into water making business too which was same as the existing one.

When the next summer season came I aggressively marketed my product which I lacked the last time. I expanded my market to various adjoining districts and increased my profit significantly and crossed the One Million profit in the middle of season itself. This year my target is to supply my product to whole of the state and if by god's grace to the whole country in coming years.

                                                      * * * * *

But amidst this success and rise of myself I learnt that there are people who support you to achieve your dreams or in my case make an idea a reality. These very people bear the weight of our failures and burden of our needs. They are the forces that help you to reach your goal and I am grateful to my dad who was with me all the time. He gave me courage when fear of uncertainty took over me. He took my hand walked the path with me when it was filled with stones. Now when I look back, I realize that through his guidance only I have reached the place I am now. I am indebted to him forever.

I wish to get my story published in Chicken Soup for the Indian Entrepreneurs Soul in association with


  1. ohh how lovely and amazing a story. I also remained idle after engg but well didnt have the luck or brains to achieve dis.. lovely read.

    1. Thanks and believe in ur self,you'll reach success.

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