The story of Flour

Once a guru and his followers were having a discussion on god. The guru declared that god is one and he is shape less without a body. One of his disciple raised his hand and asked 'why are there so many gods and religions in this world?'

The guru smiled and asked him to bring some flour. He went to kitchen and brought some. The guru made a neat dough and made three parts of it. The disciple was puzzled and so was everyone but the guru continued his work without uttering a word. 

The guru took the first part of dough and added some dry fruits and sugar and further divided it and made ten cookies out of it. Then he took the second part, shaped it into rectangle, baked it and made bread out it. Then he took the last part and flattened it to make few roti's. Everyone was curious to know why he did this but no one could figure out the guru's wisdom behind this.

He then gave a biscuit to his disciple and asked him how is it. 'sweet and delicious' He replied. Then he gave the bread and again asked him how is it, 'melts in my mouth' The disciple said. At last the guru broke a piece of roti and gave it to the disciple and again asked how is it, 'soft as a velvet' the disciple replied.

Now the guru turned to others and said religions are like bread, roti's and cookies but god is like flour in them. No matter how different they may look or taste but bread, roti and cookie are eventually made of flour, same is the case with religions no matter how different they look all have one thing in common ie; there is only one god. Jesus said there is only one god, Lord krishna said there is only one god Prophet Muhammad too said there is only one god.

'Harina, meel. Does any one know the meaning of these words?' The guru asked. Everyone shook their heads. the guru replied they mean Flour in other languages, same is the case with god, Hindus call him Vishnu, Muslims call him Allah and other different religions call him by other different name without knowing they all pray one single entity. Making a bread is different from that of cookie but they are only used feed our hunger, same is case with religion, their ultimate aim is the enlightenment of the man. Muslims attain it by doing Namaz and Christians go to Church and pray. 


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